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Motorola Moto X Review 0 Comment

Motorola Moto X Review We know the phone that everyone was waiting for the first time that Google bought Motorola for about two years. Moto X The constant theme has been news in recent months and expected a lot from him, among other things should be one of those responsible for returning Motorola leading the...


Most Popular Sites Visited 0 Comment

At present, information technology internet firmly settled in our lives, and won the love and respect of many people. A huge number of the most popular sites and sites visited inform us fully, help find answers to the most difficult questions, let you communicate with people around the world and open up new avenues for...

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SingStar App Will Allow To Use Smartphones As Microphones On PS3 And PS4 0 Comment

Music games are great for parties with close and consenting friends who won’t judge you when you completely destroy that one riff in Down on the Corner. But they do have one failing: you can’t play them without all the plastic instrument accessories, making spontaneous sessions at a friend’s place something of a chore. The...

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The Orb From Google 0 Comment

Wireless charging of your Android Device has arrived. First Samsung , and now finally, finally, the Nexus 4 goes on sale or Orb with support of wireless charging of your portable device . For the uninitiated, a sort of dock, where we just have to pose the Nexus 4 to begin charging, without having to...

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Google Glass 0 Comment

The title of this article, along with a free reference to Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland, is quite accurate. We will be able to see what we see through Glass, ie we will try to understand the interface and how it works. Will it be through apps? Google Now? Let’s try to put ourselves...

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